on a wall in bristol


-photography, flickerpool, bristol-

‘retrenchment. wonder if the kids will ever have a good and proper education. wish you could afford some decent ‘in’ clothes. act as if you are always overshadowed by the big brother. step on all the gaps and cracks. watch/read anything but the state owned media. worry you’ll never save enough to make it through old age. fuck the law, support change and anarchy.

repeat after me: I am free’

truth be told: we’re two sides of the same coin. you do what you want to do. your life is your choice, your choice is your life. don’t regret(your wrong choices). seek to correct(your past mistakes).

this is a call to obey. this is a call to rebel. this is a call to reflect. this is a choice.

make yours. i am making mine now, today, for myself and no matter how slim it may be, for a chance to be with her.

repeat after me: i/you/we will be free.

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