last stop, perhaps?

fuck all that. this is it. no more bullshit. just love. as real as it comes.

never knew what someone as amazing as you saw in this but you stood by it and you held my hand anyways. you supported me unconditionally. you believed in me completely.

surprised. confused. elated. i will not let you down. ever.

so it is agreed, this is our last stop? you and me, let us try our best to make this work.

-lamb: lullaby-

  1. hehe. i did tell you, leaving a relationship that’s no longer making you happy meant giving yourself a chance to bump into someone who’d complement you better.

    so happy for you, bro. really glad you’ve found someone worth considering settling down with. *BIGBIGHUGS*

  2. i think sometimes familiarity is all you really want or need but you just ignore the contempt that slowly grows and gnaws at you. and you just get used to it and moved on to the next step of life with someone you have grown complacent and tired of. sometimes, people think moving to that next stage will rekindle something. it might, but i’m sure many times it won’t last. i’ve seen it happen too many times to not grow jaded.

    hence yea, you’re right lil sis, letting go is definitely an integral part of love life. moving on is good for the soul. and the best thing is i met her…

    yea, she made me consider ‘that’. a no small feat definitely. she’s that special. i think it has a lot to do with her maturity and mindset, being the same age bracket as i am. and also i guess it’s our amazing mental and physical chemistry. our love, respect and lust for each other is off the charts.

    i love her, but yet i am afraid of her. i find myself, i am myself and i lose myself as well when i am with her. you know what i mean? i think i have finally found my soulmate… but your bro being your bro, is full of self doubt and fears. there’s so many things i don’t have and i don’t wanna start something with nothing. don’t wanna drag her through the mud with me. but the best part is she’s willing to invest her time and be with me. i’m so at awe with her.

    and i ramble too much as usual, haha. anyways, you said you wanna meet her. next time when you come to kl then. i’m sure you will like her. bro misses and loves you k? take care of yourself and be good… *BIGPEDOBEARHUGS*

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