-digicamography, lomography, photoshop-

sunday reflections.

.Baudelaire.Verlaine.Garcia Lorca.Antonio Machado.Leon Felipe.Roberto Fernandez Retamar.Jorges Luis Borges.Pablo Neruda.Rabindranath Tagore.Czeslaw Milosz.Andre Breton.George Elliot.

the names. poetries from whom i have not read in a long time. i have lost the passion. i have lost the grasp to picture and understand the subtle meanings behind the words. and i have not found someone whom i could easily and willingly share the beauty of alphabets and intonations that forms such emotive words and paragraphs. and i have not seen someone who could equal her passion in poetry.

i miss how you trace the words with your fingers. how you read them with passion softly, words mingling in a whisper on your breath. how we read them to one another, in hushed tones, while in each other embrace. how our voices, our words overlap and repeat each other.

beautiful echolalia.

and we shared a common love for neruda. you penned me our favorite sonnet xvii on a piece of notepad, straight from your memory and slipped it between the things you left behind.

and that is all that i have left of you, after the pain has dulled to an almost non-existent memory and your smell on the clothes has all but faded away.

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