rush rush rush rush


-digicamography, lomography, photoshop-

it’s always a rush to grow up when we were younger.  we can’t wait to drive. can’t wait to move out. can’t wait to get our own place. can’t wait to attain that total freedom. and i remember the many many times what my older friends would tell me, that growing up and being adult is no fun but i wouldn’t believe it. now i am here at this point of time of my life, i starting to see the truth in what they said.

we were oblivious to notice that with total freedom comes total fuck ups too, with no ‘get out of jail’ free cards and nobody to cushion the hard blows of reality. traversing this minefield of adulthood, suddenly the safety of a home with free meals and board doesn’t seem so bad after all. unfortunately, going back isn’t as easy as coming out. well at least not for me. for the choices i made and the things i did. but that would be another story for another time.

hence i immerse myself very much in the past. not only of with the good times of my childhood but also with the past ghosts of wrong decisions made. not exactly a good way to live a life but that’s the only way i know.

and it’s always good to know someone cares to know enough of you to actually find out and give you a piece of your past back, momentarily…

the bounty bars were great. they reminded me of  past summer holidays. of bodies and faces pressed against each other into a tiny car. genuine smiles, laughters and semi cold fosters in hand. driving with the top down in our rented holden barina cabrio. the sun’s heat hammering on our squinty eyed faces. singing out of tune to the radio. hugging the rolling roads of yarra valley.

very very good memories indeed.

thank you so much, ana *smiles*

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