the warning

Teenage girls are God’s best work and the Devil’s best tool. Remember that my friend.

received that sms from a friend a few hours back. not too sure what has happened to him but i’m pretty sure that cryptic warning has something to do with someone he met at a cheerleading event that he chauffeured his sister to not too long ago.

we once, in our drunken stupor, deduced that anything 16 to 40ish is fair game. he then proceeded to approach random ladies in the establishment, with a bottle of chivas in hand. needless to say, he wasn’t successful. but then it has more to do with him spacing out, chugging the chivas alone than actually approaching any potential ladies, which he thought he did. so 16 to 40ish, though this friend of mine has a penchant for the lower range of numbers in that statement. me, i guess i have pretty much weaned myself off anything 25 and below.

an observation from a girl friend: nowadays i tend to look at personality and maturity first before physical attributes. according to her, it’s a sign i am growing up.


pfft… ha fucking ha babe. ha. fucking. ha.

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