i am really sorry…

so i was at a lost for words. as the cursor blinks, i wracked my brains for the correct words to say but found none. i don’t know why i said what i said, but i said sorry back to you too. but in truth i never regretted the times we shared together. this thing we have is not wrong. unfortunately, we were star-crossed and this must come to an end. i just regret that i can never be with you again like that saturday in february. or any of those so many ‘other days’ over so many years that we spent, stolen, in a pseudo relationship.

i think i have in part, as much to do with crushing my own heart as you said you did. i hoped a fool’s hope. i needed love and wanted salvation but you have none to give. at least not to me, but i don’t blame you.

you know, now after that short conversation with you, after you put down the phone and i still held on listening to the disconnected tone; i thought well and wanted to say to you: in truth i am not sorry at all because i know the last thing we shared together was really love.

-ash: starcrossed-

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