in transit


-digicamography, photoshop-

she called. she said she was having a stop over, in transit to her destination. it is a rare thing meeting up with you. like a broken record, we say we should but life always pushes us in the opposite direction and puts us on totally different paths. so when you called i said yes. i rescheduled and drove to see you.

hi. big hugs. hello. how have you been? catching up on lost times in those few stolen hours, filling in the blanks. trading stories, smiles and laughter. it is true, we are both not the same as before. now older, a bit wiser and dare i say: jaded? but we are both moving on, making the best of things. and i am glad that on most parts you have changed, for the better.

on most parts definitely, barring some relapses. oh don’t you think i didn’t notice the bandages… *frowns*

i adore you immensely. so please take care of yourself and have a safe flight. thank you for spending time with me. maybe it’s your turn to catch me in transit in the near future? who knows. a few short hours is all we need to ease the soul…

-jamiroquai: tallulah-

    • Anaesthesia
    • July 15th, 2009

    i love you too, pedobear. =)

    it was nice, catching up with you, after so long. i’ll be in town again for transit back home, if you’re free lets do another meet up, so i can pass you something from down under!

    and no, i didn’t for a moment think that you’d miss the bandages =P

    no biggie, like you said, just a rare moment of relapse there.

  1. ^^

    ah okay, sure thing Ana. call/text/email me, you know how to get to me.

    *nods* well make sure there’s not too many relapses okay? if you need to talk or someone to listen to you, give me a miss call. i got too much air time nowadays anyways, bleah… *laughs*

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