the banquet

the banquet was a posh affair. nothing short of impressive, since this is coming from the wealthier side of my extended family. this was a gathering of ivy leaguers. captain of industries. and their equally beautiful young female companions, in impressive gowns that rivals that of the bride. never have i seen so many perfectly sculpted faces, bodies and bosoms. but then these people could afford it anyways. no wonder penang is touted as a plastic surgery mecca. from what i see around the room, it’s a self sustaining industry it seems.

a wedding video with a recap of exotic vacation places that i have never in my life heard of before. speech after speech by people of power and in power, which i don’t give two hoots about. keep your drivel and someone’s moment of pride and happiness separate. nobody would want to look back at their wedding video 10 years in the future to see 15 minutes of your nonsensical speech. fast fucking forward please.

oh the monotony. i felt so out of place. well at least the food is good. and this is saying much since we all know how atrocious wedding spreads can be…

i guess it’s nothing a trip to pulau tikus for some alcohol and a swing around the island later for supper can’t cure.

ring phone! ring goddamn you! and release me from this farce…


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