the best laid plans

i just planned a get away for the weekend back to the homelands when suddenly work with nigh impossible deadlines started to pour in. luggage packed and my hotel booking is confirmed. i would say no but who am i kidding. getting work in times like these is like a blessing indeed.

so here i am pulling an all nighter. i’m nocturnal so no complaints there. it’s just that i tend to space out and stare off into space way too often.

fucking fuckshit…

i seriously think i got a 6 year old calvin-like deity overshadowing my every step. and unfortunately for me, i am his favorite his tinkertoy. that will teach me for playing god with my lego men so many years ago. repeated miniature death by plastic dismemberment of every kind, often not including the occasional bath tub drowning and bonfire roasting. now i know how they feel… *sighs*

so it seems the best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry. and in my case, too many damn times.

ah fuck it, i’ll pull a work marathon tonight, send in the WIP after lunch tomorrow, hold of any changes for monday and sleep my weekend off in the hotel. no refunds so waste not, want not.

a tad rushed and pointless but that is still somewhat a break away from this goddamn city i guess?

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