if only

had a meeting downtown yesterday and the usually scorching skies decided to let down a torrent of water. right after i stepped off the train and was prepping myself for the 10 mins walk in the unforgiving sun to the client’s office.

fuck. facepalm

so there i was,  plodding along the way to kl bar, with my laptop as a rain shield (thankfully which is protected in a waterproof carry case), i came across a lawyer headed in the same direction i was. we were both rushing through the traffic, trying our best to get out of the rain as fast as possible. after a short bout of weaving through the traffic, we walked into the lobby, slightly drenched and stepped into the waiting lift. we both reached for the same button and she instinctively backed her hand away. i looked at her, smiled and she half nodded and smiled back. pretty young thing. too bad she’s a lawyer *laughs*

the awkward silence in the decade old lift made the ride up feel even longer. i took the chance to check her out. i watched her from the corner of my eye as she brushed away the last of the rain that is clinging onto her body. she patted down her blouse and skirt and i can’t help but to notice what is behind the semi transparent wetness. self-aware that i allowed my gaze to linger a bit longer than i should have; i looked away and cleared my throat.

looking at this lawyer here reminded me of her. i wonder if this is what she would be wearing to work. simple. attractive. made much more interesting by the rain, of course. a hint of make up, not too heavy. flutter flutter mascara eyelashes. glossed full lips catching the light. shiny. delicious. this could be her. i see this girl here, this should be her. if only…

*ding* the door slid open and i stepped back and motioned for her to go first.

‘thank you’, she said. a small, sweet voice. i just smiled.

and we parted ways.

-boards of canada: chromakey dreamcoat-

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