‘you got lazy’, she said.

i looked over, ‘hmm? what?’

‘you’, she raised her voice slightly, ‘got lazy’, she waved her index finger at my bike.

‘ah yes, that. well you know, i was mentally preoccupied. i am not in one piece lately. i am all over the bloody place. cycling is the last thing on my mind now’, i said and she nodded slowly.

she looked down and fiddled with the laces of her sneakers, ‘you know maybe i should start cycling or running again’

‘maybe you should’, i said, ‘ i know i should continue. well maybe when i gather enough of myself to start pedaling again’

‘funny how relationships makes us lax sometimes. when i am with him, all i could think of is spending time, hanging out with that ass. and i neglected my running and gym routines’, she looked over with a smirk on her face.

‘complacency i guess, when you’re already with someone? furthermore you look great. all those running and gym time did ‘sculpt’ you into one helluva hot babe. and helped you bag one helluva guy!’, i nudged her lightly and grinned.

she laughed and nodded, ‘yes i guess so…’

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