coffee and conversations

there’s nothing like driving down the highway at a leisurely pace, mid week, at 3am in the morning to make you feel absolutely at peace and totally relaxed. sans the hectic midnight traffic of the weekends. the neon orange yellow street lights casts hypnotic strobing light-shadow-light inside the car cabin. the low torque purr of the engine and hum of the car tyres traveling across the tarmac. just you, yourself, the wind in your hair and the complete trafficsilence…

midnight drives like this makes me reflect on everything that is happening in my life. Lets me gather my thoughts and plan my next move. and when I get tired and bored, I’ll pull into a 24 hour convenience store, get a cup of hot coffee and sit by the window. looking at the occasional vehicles that passes by. an alien trapped in a stationary glass box staring at beings trapped in a moving metal box. or I’ll just walk back to the car, coffee in hand, climb on to the roof and sit there for a while. peacefully alone…

So, if you see someone sitting on the roof of a maroon Satria by the roadside, don’t hesitate to stop and say hi. i won’t bite. i might even buy you a cup of coffee instead.

so stranger, lets sit and talk for awhile…

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