mer de noms: evie


-webcamography, photoshop-

i dreamt of evie yesterday. it was so real. i felt and heard you, just like you’re next to me. just like those good old days…


our relationship was a simple thing. we’re content, seeing each other through our online avatars and catching up through the long winded, narrative emails that we were fond of writing. we were two gamer geeks who enjoyed meeting up daily, happily riding around on our virtual horses, in our virtual world and slaying creatures together.

and when you found out the wonders of web cams, it quickly became your favorite pass time. we always used to leave it on the whole night, pointed at each other direction. being a daft young lad, i once wondered why and asked you. you had this exasperated look on your face before replying: so when we sleep we can be close to each other, with an ever so adorable grin on your face. and that made me smile inside and out, a supernova in my heart…

i laughed and told you i snore pretty loudly, but you said you don’t mind. your father and brother snored too and you can hear them through the walls on some quiet nights. you added: at least i know you are still there. and every morning through a sleepy haze, i would hear you blow a kiss and whisper ‘bye bye baby’ as you left for work. sometimes when sleep eludes us, we would call out for each other and talk beneath the sheets till the morning birds starts chirping outside our windows. and as we grew more comfortable with each other, we grew braver. bolder. oh how the low light of your room clothed you in seductive shadows. how the darkness plays hide and seek with your curves. titillating…

the web cam became a much more interesting tool. i began to get used to… no, needed this. it’s comforting and soothing. to be able to see you every night.  it’s like having you here next to me even though we’re hundreds of miles apart…

so i wonder why you crept into my mind again yesterday? life slowly pulled us apart. we are distant strangers now. we grew up. we moved on. new friends. new jobs. new relationships. now, my web cam has grown dusty out of disuse, hidden in a box somewhere in the room. my mailbox is missing your emails and i lost count of how many times i have reread all that you wrote to me…

it was good to ‘see’ you again. flashes of yesteryears. compiled, summarised. playing back in my dreams. maybe i will see you again tonight. maybe not. but ever the more reason to catch up i guess. i should stop pondering and write you that long, narrative email. to many years has passed between us and too little has been said…

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