‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, if you want to test a man’s character; give him power’

-Abraham Lincoln

during a drinking session with the friends, a good point was brought up when the topic on conversation moved on to the tv series, heroes. we were all heatedly discussing the episodes, plot loop holes and what super powers we would take. don’t ask why, i guess it’s a man-boy thing.

i hushed the bickering crowd and said: having the power is the least of your worries. how would you use it? that is a different thing all together.

everybody sat quietly for awhile and thought. i was not surprised to hear that all of them will use it for their own gains. i understand the whole ‘good and you must do good’ ideology but i as a person am not so noble. i will always put in priority those closest to me over the general populace. also, me being emphatic, i tend to also always see things from the other side. i tend to dissect their whys and rationalise their reasoning.

and at the end of the day, i will definitely find myself standing more in the shade than out in the lights.

-rolling stones: sympathy for the devil-

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