it was one of those middle of the week, long days being stuck in an equally long and boring meeting.

i lost track of the presentation and was spacing out for a moment, when my ears picked up the line: ‘… and yes we would definitely like to highlight watersports as our main activities… ‘

of course this wealthy, well versed, suited gentleman was talking about his development plans in terms of yachting and sailing, and was definitely not talking about what my filthy mind was thinking about. i couldn’t help but stifle a laughter with a masked cough and cleared my throat. i looked around, wondering if i was the only one that was enjoying the personal joke and was pleasantly surprised to see the lady from the other team who is in charge of jotting down the minutes of the meeting shook her head smiling and nodded ever so slightly to me, knowingly.

interesting. it seems beneath all that prim and proper office attire lies a fellow deviant after all.

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