jogging through my mp3 player, a girl friend once commented,  ‘interesting choices of tracks. the deftones and mew i can understand but i never knew you to be the one that listens to emo chinese songs’ she looked up from the screen and flashed me a smirk.

‘well, why limit music choices? good music is at the end of the day, good music, in any language. no matter if i understand it wholly or not. and anyways, i just love how emotive and expressive the chinese language can be with a few simple arrangement of words. it’s rife with word plays and nuances’

‘yea, that is true’, she continued to shuffle through the tracks for awhile before saying, ‘this is an interesting choice. you know the meaning behind the lyrics i supposed?’ she flipped the screen towards me and i squinted my eyes, tracing out the particular track that her index finger is pointing to.

i nodded.

‘so, heart or body?’, she asked, which i know was part of the lyrics from the chorus of the song.

‘hmm’, i pondered. ‘it used to be body when i was younger. then, heart is only for fools when bodies were willing and easy. why complicate it with heart when all we wanted was a little fun, no strings attached?’, i paused.

‘but?’, she added.

‘but then as i grow older, i find heart much more important than body. how can you lay claim to love or a relationship if there is no heart in it?’, i said, trailing off.

‘and nowadays…?’, the question left hanging on purpose, as she waited on my reply.

‘you know dear… that is a very very good question. trying everything and not getting anywhere, i am really really not so sure anymore nowadays…’

she sighed, nodded agreeably with me and we both sat in almost silence, as music trickled from the headphones in her hands.

-王菲 :不留-

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