-digicamography, photoshop-

i look around and i see a sea of bobbing heads and jostling bodies. i never did liked crowds. people stifles me. but the hustle and bustle of the temple did not deter this tiny bug from it’s daily routine. so it flies and flitters. hovers and skitters. flower to flower. pod to pod. never missing a bloom.

and i was thinking, maybe i should be thinking like a bug. a linear mind. day in day out. same path. carve a niche to set myself in to. routine. rinse, repeat. climb the ladders if there is any. stay put as long as i can if there is none before moving on to the next place. so as much as i am always restless and wanderlusting, i should stay put, be content and be occasionally, almost happy.

i have made up my mind. i dont want to set myself up for disappointment again.

so happy birthday b-man. i know you’re not the right higher being of power in regards of wishes but my hopes and dreams/aspirations this year is the same as the years before. only because they have not come true yet. hint hint *laughs* i hope my prayer gets through loud and clear this time around, over the other thousands and thousands of ‘voices’ that is ‘calling out’ to you.

you better have upgraded your ‘call waiting services’ and hired a few more handmaidens to man those overflowing ‘switchboards’ and ‘helplines’ *smiles*

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