‘are you in the water yet?’, she asked.

the thunder of the winds and roar of the incoming waves temporarily masked my voice , ‘uhuh. yep. both feet firmly planted in the waters of the good old south china sea’

‘good. i have my feet in the sea too. so… can you feel me?’, i hear a pause of hesitation in her voice.

‘what? *laughs* feel you? uh, i am gonna say no, haha… but i’m sure the answer you’re looking for is yes? *chuckle*’

‘ass! *laughs* you are so unromantic!’, i sensed a hint of disappointment lacing her forced laughter.

my mind worked fast thinking of a save, ‘in theory, our bodies generate too little electricity for the electrolysis process to occur at such a long distance, haha. moreover, electricity can never pinpoint a singular target over a body of water. it goes in all direction!’

‘not funny! oh don’t get all scientific on me mister brainiac! a simple ‘yes i can feel you’ is all i am asking for *laughs*’, she retorted.

i grinned, ‘ you know what would be better than this huge ocean between us? you, me and nothing else, in a hot tub of salt water… mmm mmm, haha’

”hmmm, you got a point there. less water, more connection, oh yes definitely~’

and we both laughed heartily at the notion of that elusive salt water hot tub session. if i could i would. long distance is such a bother and i was never made for this. though i can’t deny and i would never tell you that i do feel a hint of electrolysis between you and me.

but i’m sure, that won’t be enough to drive us to the next level, so i won’t tie you down with this uncertainty. because i know you are a physical creature, just like me.

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