heck it

met a very interesting girl today. her optimism towards freelance and life in general pretty much gave me a wake up call of sorts. i sat there and listened to her plans, her ideas and can’t help but to agree and think that this girl is on to something. maybe i am getting too old for optimisms, but i sure as hell can’t help but feel buoyed by her upbeat outlook on things even as shitty as it in nowadays. and she got me thinking about all my stalled ideas and kiv projects, how i should just heck it and give it a go. gotta quit all these feet dragging, definitely.

or maybe… just maybe i was listening to her so attentively because she’s such a fucking cute bespectacled geek girl. and she’s one half of an identical twins too. oh my gosh haha.

(launches google, whips out sketchbook and starts doodling)

-crystal method: now is the time-

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