coldplay is leaving me seriously broke this month. wonder what went through my mind, or rather did not, when i went ahead to buy the tickets, book the hotel room and the return trip. well, no lasting regrets at the end of the day. it’s something i/you/we wanted to try. this on a whim. this spur of the moment. this trying out staying in places off the beaten path. chasing, touching, interviewing and trading items with rock stars. this is you.

i chase musicians too, but for now i am quite happy to stand aside and watch. watch that glow on your face. to see you happy as you transform into the perfect meld of penny lane-william miller. and so i looked at my dwindling savings and still said yes when you asked. because it is important to you ^^

this is an adventure and i’m doing it with you.

-coldplay: bigger stronger-

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