mixed and mismatched


tell me, what does it mean when you smiled a little brighter when i looked over the crowd of people between us and waved to you. that you talked a little softer when i managed to pull you to one side and have a chat with you. that you laughed a little louder at dumb ass my jokes. that you took sips from my drinks on purpose. that you dragged on the cigarette in my hand when you could have easily lighted your own. that you tilted your head and closed your eyes for a split second longer than you should when i stroked your hair?

maybe i read a little too much and too deep into things, as i always do. but i am such a curious george. curious to know how far does this rabbit hole go. i want to find out… but i will… nay, i shall not.

because you’re being ardently pursued by someone in my circle of friends. thus it shall come to pass and nothing will ever be. please be kind, don’t lead me on and i will not lead you on too.

birds of prey. we circle and circle, ever so slowly. making smaller and smaller rotations with each pass. closer and closer.

please. you know and i know, if given the chance, i will so fucking jump you.

and i’m pretty sure, the feeling is mutual for you.

-yelle: ce jeu (paul gold remix)-

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