just like a good wine

i’ve been told i get better, in every aspect, as i grow older. if you ask me, i feel indifferent or rather i don’t think i am doing anything substantially different than i was so many years before. maybe, just maybe… i am a little bit more mature… a little bit wiser… a little bit more worldly… a little bit more understanding… a little bit more caring…a little bit more gentle…

yea, i guess i am just a little bit more of everything…

so like wine, some men gets better as the years go by it seems. and the girls say i am at the point where i am starting to age well. pretty oxymoronic if you ask me. aging and well should never be said in the same breath *laughs* but i am guy after all. what are the numbers to me anyways aye?

but with that said, it does feel very very good to be so wanted. it seems like after being a geek with very low self esteem all my life and learning that the hour of the geeks is in, now growing older will make you much more sought after? gosh, so what next girls?

confusing. my head is spinning. you women are such bewildering but oh so interesting creatures…

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