out of the loop

hot. cold. out of the loop. silence. awkward. i feel hanging. limbo.

i know things are not exactly going the way you want lately, and i know how much it pains you when life’s puzzle don’t exactly piece together the way you want them to. i might have added a little confusion to the equation by gravitating too close to you and colliding with your heart again, as usual. but i guess me and you are the least of your worries.

sorry, don’t misunderstand. this is not a rant. just a simple plea to keep me in the loop if you can. tell me you’re okay and you don’t need me to worry if you can’t.

i know i was told that i have nothing to do with your hiatus but i still feel guilty. but that’s just me and my personal turmoil. overstepping when i should learn to tread carefully as always. i am like a bull in a china shop, seriously. but i guess that’s what happens when i let my heart out. it’s a clumsy stumbling loving thing.

just so you know, i’m here and i have never left. i am just a concerned friend that loves you very much.

-bloc party: signs-

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