long distance

why are those that are halfway across the world are always the ones that your heart pines for. the cat loving marxist. the superstardeejaylawyer. the older woman single mother. all so so far away.

the beauty and romanticism of loving someone in another country sets my heart free, but long distance is never my thing. suffer this heart because it craves closeness too much. it wants to embrace and be embraced in return. so i will go there to you all soon, one day. i will drop in, say hi, fall heads over heels in love in 5 minutes and break my own heart again when i have to leave.

so they say, maybe someone nearer to home and to this soul-body would be better?

maybe it could be… you? or you? or maybe even a stranger like… you? i don’t know. whatever may be, will be. and if it’s not you, you, you or you… then so be it. break down, pick up, move on.

i have had enough of planning for the future with someone that comes only to leave. maybe someone will stay long enough to share tomorrow with me but now i plan a future for myself.

-john mayer: something’s missing-

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