i love the city but sometimes it irritates the hell out of me with all the noise, the crowd and the never ending hustle and bustle. once, long ago in my past, i used to live in the seediest area of town. and it is there i got to know the most interesting of people. some of my best friends then were pimps, drug dealers and hookers. i love the city then. what it could show me. this new thing. this grittiness. the underside. the underbelly. they make it sound so bad but it is not as dark as we were lead to believe it should be. but i guess that would be another story for another day.

and so the wanderlust beckons. it might be a bad year to splurge on where i want to go but the wanderlust whispers ever so softly in my ears. come come. go go. i want to. i have to. i should.

play piercings and suspensions session in bangkok, sun worshiping in bali and phuket, chaperoning a girl friend to sydney for her liaison, looking for my heart in osaka and auckland.

all plans. lofty ideas in my head. all transparent for now. running away, wanderlust. i hope i can make all of you a reality.

    • that girl friend
    • January 15th, 2009

    it’s not a liaison, it’s an affinity.

  1. affinity in the sense of? attraction? or a closure?

    oh by the way, since he gave you his keys, can we use his swanky apartment for parties? lol.

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