made of glass

i was hanging out at a coffee joint with a girl friend recently and what she said out of the blue caught my attention. she looked up from perusing the copy of a womens’ magazine she had in her lap and blurted out:

‘you are a rabbit-cancer sign right?’

‘yea?’, i answered; half statement half question, without looking up from smsing on my phone.

‘you like someone quickly, give your all ever so willingly, love wholly but you get broken easily too’, with a bitter sweet smile, she placed her hand on my heart momentarily before lifting it away. she then looked down again and continued on with her article in the magazine.

i stopped smsing halfway, looked up and frowned. but then a revelation hit me: what she said was pretty much true. call it a fluke mix of romanticist genes, star signs and horoscopes but that is how my heart was subconciously leading me along all these while. it was always too easy, being strung along by the unconscious wants and needs of the heart. the ever illogical need to empty this love on to someone, to find an anchor. it was always too easy to make you, you, you and you like me. these words, these things i do, it’s not of my doing. i blame it on the thing beating in my chest, that thing made of glass.

and oh you all are ever so willing. to feed it, to tempt it, to goad it on, to lure it out, to pick it up, to love it so. that thing that is made of glass.

come come. come out of your shell and play. for there are pretty pretty girls and it’s a beautiful day.

i think i have to keep a tight rein on the heart strings this time. so i shall tie it up, tie it up. dead knot it. glue it down.

please you don’t pull the strings. please please don’t let it out. quickly, willingly, wholly, easily.

careful careful, don’t drop it now. that fragile thing, it’s made of glass.

-stone sour: through glass-

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