hirano aya in malaysia?


-breaking news (well to me at least)-

holy shit, i cannot believe she is in kl for a photoshoot. our local resourceful stalkers… uh, i mean… fans have tracked her down based on her frequent image updates on her blog via her handphone. heck, there’s even a google map triangulation based from the position of klcc from one of the picture she posted up. you guys are madness… (=_=);

i salute you aya-tards. i am her fan but i am not that big on stalking people. if any of you are interested, just hop on over to http://www.hiranoaya.com to check out where she is next. apparently the last i read, she and her crew is in a cab heading somewhere for the countdown or is she heading to klia, going back to japan already? i can only understand a bit of what she wrote. goddamn it, my kanji fails me, agh (≧▽≦)

okay have a good countdown and happy new year people. time for me to head out. you too aya, hope you enjoyed your stay here in malaysia. have a safe flight back to japan (^_-)☆~

平野 綾: 冒険でしょでしょ?-

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