we’re such fickle fickle creatures. almost always never happy with what we have, always chase the new and interesting and want the nigh unattainable. much to the detrimental health of our body, mind and soul. but i guess that what’s makes us learn, grow and evolve.

some days, just some days i wish we’re machines with predetermined paths and choices. that would make us so much happier because we would be oblivious, we would never have the reason to want or need anything else other than the things we’re already programmed with/for.

but i guess that would make all of us a carbon copy of each other. uninteresting, bland, similar.

and it is with all this knick, knocks, cuts and dents, we’re made truly unique, none the same. with our varied experiences, we grow to be separate individuals with separate thoughts, feelings and emotions.

not mine, not yours. look. smile. talk. laugh. bump. brush. touch.



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