another weekend, another problem. and the problem is me. personally, i hate doing anything alone. shopping. movies. i just feel so awkward. hence i rather mull around at home. somebody, please save me? one is always the loneliest number…

she says: it’s ok, you will get used to it

he says: you know very well i can’t do this. what if i don’t want to?

she says: … you will be fine. you will get used to it…

    • 4naesthesia
    • December 22nd, 2008

    not to further dampen your spirits, but someone told me the same, and i’ve never gotten used to the silence. the empty space where he used to fill up with his presence. the absence of shared laughter.

    however, there IS the advantage of having more time to yourself to do things you always wanted to but couldn’t take time out of your relationship to attempt.

    and there’s catching up with friends.

    LB went six years single and had plenty of fun before meeting me so i reckon you don’t need to have someone by your side to fill up your life… you just need a better outlook i guess.


  1. indeed ana. i wholy agree with you.

    i am starting to do the things i wanted to do now, post relationship. i guess not all bad has come out of this.

    only lamenting my need to adjust to single hood and the difficulty of doing certain things alone at the current moment. i am that person that drops everything for a relationship, yes bad i know. hence i lost most of my contacts with much of my friends over the years.

    time to rekindle the friendships again i guess? haha.

    i’ll work on a better outlook, i guess i just need some time…

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