first weekend, post-you

i’m dreading the weekend as it comes rolling over the horizon slowly. i used to look forward to those 2 short days, which i can spend with you after a fucked up week of being alone and slogging my ass off.

so on weekends, i’ll have my soulmate all to myself. i’d really look forward to those ending hours of the day, we spent lying in bed and just talking. we’ll talk serious, we will laugh, we will joke. those few short hours… lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, with you next to me, holding my hand… give this weary soul so much comfort.

we’ve already fallen into the ‘routine’.

but i’m just wondering… don’t every relationship do that too? there’s only so much of that ‘honeymoon’ period that you will get before things falls into normalcy. there’s only so much zing and sparks when you touch each other or look into each other’s eyes. it’s not infinite, unending. this is the point where then you build a routine around each other’s lives, work towards putting some zings and sparks back into the relationship together. and continue onwards to whatever this life path leads both of you.

well, i’m not sure what i did, or didn’t. you never actually said why. just only that you’re leaving. every relationship deserves a sitting down to discuss, a fixing together. where is mine/ours?

keyword: together. working this out. i know we can. why do you refuse?

so yea, this is the first weekend, post-you. the longest week in my life. i’m still not sure how i’m gonna get through this one… and the many many other weekends to come…

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