these walls

funny how easily we build and tear down walls in between us. a nondescript nonverbal agreement. the locking of eyes and we know it’s time to bring out the anti emotional mortar and cold cold hearted bricks again. time to quickly cement and lay the foundation. time for one last look, one last goodbye. and we shall reluctantly walk in different opposite directions. 

funny how when we speak now, it’s so easy to be strangers. hi hello how are you hows work. all feels so damn unreal. so damn rigid and so damn cold. gone are the warm adoration and genuine smiles. now we’re like a rewind. rewind to the time we first met. guards up. arms down. emotions hidden. walls shown.

i miss you. i wish i never met you, so i won’t miss you this much. hope the sun shines where ever you go and may you be well and wonderful, always.

-explosions in the sky: inside it all feels the same-

  1. funny, i had the same inkling in the last paragraph. And I understand why you laughed it off when I told you the same thing. We can’t have it all =)

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