choosing and being chosen

sunday reflections. 

she said: i chose you first. you had no interest in me but i chose you first and you, maybe, reluctantly picked me because she wasn’t around for you.

the art of choosing and being chosen is like a game. what you want will always, most probably won’t get. and what chooses you, you most likely won’t accept. most of the time, we’re sure of what we want. most of the time, we will get what we seek. but there’s always that rejectionwrench that life throws into that mix of soft fluffy clouds of love and adoration. hidden amongst all those loveadoration, hidden by the crest of those fluffiness, waiting to make you fall flat on your face. so don’t run through wantonly but instead tread carefully, for it is your own heart that you cradle in your arms. careful. please don’t trip and fall.

and she says… being chosen. reluctant acceptance. second choice. easy convenience.

regardless… no matter what, you shall learn to love me in return.

– death cab for cutie: someday you will be loved-

    • ejl
    • January 17th, 2008


  1. The excitement is always there to go for the unforbidden huh? Life is ironic.

    • .gothikt.
    • January 22nd, 2008

    ejl: simi hmm? *bish*

    primrose: i guess some people take chances more than others and they come out winning. and people like this always wins because if they fail here, they don’t dwell and move on… that’s something i could learn from this girl.

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