today, last year

sunday reflections. 

first week (almost) into the new year. anticipation. pop, not bang. fizzle. sighs. maybe i expect too much. or i put in too little to deserve the amount i expected. so this is where the planning starts, and hopefully not fail a few months into the new year. there’s a lot more riding on my shoulders this time around and the prospects pretty much scares me. it’s not helping my frayed nerves that dad’s on a high failure venture. well call me a pessimist for saying that but personally i have no faith in trading but he does, so i have faith in him. i pray to the higher powers that be that he succeeds, for his and my mother’s sake.

so yeah, let’s see, this year i plan to:

+ kick off my own design studio +

+ kick off a tshirt/vinyl toy line +

+ start painting again +

+ shoot more stills +

+ shoot my art house films +

+ submit my works to art fest and art installations +

+ help some local band friends make their mtv +

+ join an gym and not quit after the first week +

+ cycle and rock climb again +

+ learn to cook better +

+ save money +

+ spend less +

+ get more skinart +

+ travel more +

fingers and toes crossed.

-depeche mode: walking in my shoes-

    • xiaochong
    • January 15th, 2008

    Hey hey you didn’t say anything about starting a STUDIO! Some pretty awesome plans you’ve got lined up…I’d love to see how the works turn out. 🙂 It all sounds so exciting!! Not sure about the gym though…

    • .gothikt.
    • January 15th, 2008

    lol. already up and running for like 3 years. just a small 2-3 partners setup. no big deal. awesome, yeah. but will i have the preseverance to follow through with all of them, is another thing, haha. eh so how bout that freelance tie up eh? haha…

    gym.. yeah.. thanks for the vote of confidence =P

    • xiaochong
    • January 27th, 2008

    Small is good too, organic and dynamic 🙂 You guys do web design or not?

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