merry tropical xmas


-digicamography, photoshop-

she smsed: ello ello surprise surprise, it’s your jetsettinghawtwriterphotographermuse here, baby. go check your email! =)

i logged into my mail and sure enough, i saw an email from her with a picture attached:

wish you were here, this place is heaven. the water is wonderfully warm, people are amazingly nice but their bodies are dreadfully cold. merry xmas. xoxo.

yeah… in some ways, i wish i was there too babe. it’s been quite some time since i last saw you eh? you have been dearly missed by this heartbodysoul, my jetsettinghawtwriterphotographermuse. may the island boys treat you with the same lustadoration that i shower you with. well who am i kidding. unless they’re blind, how can they afford not to worship your amazing drool-worthy 36C2534gymtonedtattooedpiercegoddessbody? some, with good luck, can try to and few can please… but i guess that’s not the type of love you’re looking for.

i’m sorry i can’t offer you much more than this yesnomaybe. so, please don’t stay away too long. you know how i miss your the pulls of your heartgravity.

-john mayer: gravity-

  1. Can’t seem to hold you like I want to
    So I can feel you in my arms

    slow dancing in a burning room – john mayer

    • .gothikt.
    • January 2nd, 2008

    Oh twice as much,
    Ain’t twice as good,
    And can’t sustain,
    Like one half could,
    It’s wanting more,
    It’s gonna send me to my knees…

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