twas the night before christmas…

…and i’m sitting alone, hammering at the keyboard, writing this post. sad? well yes and no. sad, because i am bored and lonely but you must know, it is an isolation by choice. i think i burned out the last of my party cells a few years back. with that said, i’m not a hermit, per se. i do enjoy the company and hearty conversation with good people, sprinkled with equally copious amount of good alcohol. for as the saying goes: no man is an island, entire of itself. but as i’ve mentioned before, with age comes a lower tolerance to overblown bullshit and mock pretentiousness, especially of the alcohol kind. does that make me sound like a snob? i’m sorry if it does. i’m pretty sure due to alcohol i have been many-a-times assholic myself but i’m well aware that a lot of people share my reason and point of view.

so i sit here on christmas eve, typing away. maybe i’ll game a little and bid merry christmas to my faceless online friends across the seven seas. or watch christmas reruns on cable tv. yeah, with the passing years, christmas has become mundane like that. oh well.

and there’s nothing more i enjoy nowadays than just plain chilling out (friends and alcohol optional) on the giant bean bag, with dance/triphop/chillout music blasting out from my swanky 5 figure stereo system. close your eyes, everything is in the mind they say. and good memories are always welcomed reruns.

and it’s been raining since 4pm. great. so have a merry soggy christmas guys and girls.

-the shapeshifters: if in doubt, go out-

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