the sincerest form of flattery

sunday reflections.

reading through her blog today, i was struck by a paragraph. i started to think how and why. and suddenly, i was overwhelmed by guilt. plagiarism, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. the act of copying directly or indirectly someone else’s work, is indeed stealing. and unfortunately, i am guilty of that from time to time. i cannot help but be struck by wonderfully written words or beautifully captured angles. it’s weird how your brain retains that particular paragraph or that photo you saw, and how it’s attempts to regurgitate it in another same different sentence/paragraph or angle/view.

i’ve seen my posts from my old blog wholly reproduced on a stranger’s blog. i’ve seen my image taken, cropped and used as that person’s own personal work of art. i have even seen some of my friend’s works reproduced, used and eventually went on to win some awards/prizes for the plagiariser. and there are cases their faces (the pretty/good looking ones) used as some stranger’s friendster/facebook profile picture. now that’s the epitome of shamelessness.

and so you, if you see anything mimicking your writings or photos here, i would like to first apologise. and if you want to, i will remove it, unconditionally.

so yeah, i should let you know. watching from the sidelines all these years, struck by those words of yours, i started writing again. always two bodies, one soul. two minds, one image. two mouths, one voice. two quills, one word. echolalia. the inescapable collision of you and me. maybe it’s only me feeling it but i know, in some peculiar way, you feel it too.

yes, writing this does not make things right… sorry… but this flattery here, this is for you.

-howie day: collide-

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