animal instinct

a girlfriend once told me about animal instinct. no no, not that clothes ripping instinct but that of the furry four legged kind. she said that if her dogs trust that particular guy, he automatically earns plus points with her. funny way of picking out a guy, i told her.  she smiled and proceeded to tell me of a story of this particular guy which she met in a club and totally has the hots for. when she took him back home, her dogs had an instant dislike for him, growling and barking. night didn’t end that well with the dogs barking away even while locked up in the kitchen. well with all the noise, nobody was in the mood for a horizontal lambada anymore so they reluctantly ended it there. she was indeed pissed off with her dogs but later found out that the guy her dogs chased off was actually one of those psycho nude picture snapper weirdos. so yeah, maybe an isolated case with a bit of fate and luck thrown in but nonetheless, the dogs did chase him off.

and so i sit here, with both her dogs, no barks no growls, extra brownie points for me then, heh. so i guess the way into a girls heart is through her pets now eh? with that said, the act of showering them with expensive dinners, movies, flowers and glittery jewelleries still must be practiced, regardless. damn.

-duran duran: hungry like a wolf-

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