my girl friend’s girl friend

weekend gathering. friends. and some strangers. introduction all around. smiles. handshakes. a particular girl. alone. single. attractive. curvy. in all the right places. all eyes on her. i steal glances. she noticed. came forward. stood a few inches closer to me than the others. arms extended. hand offered. i clasp. her small hand in mine. she held on for that split second longer. fingers accidentally catching as we released our grasps. she look at me. smiled. not an accident. hidden meanings. interesting. 

night grew older. music grew louder. bodies grew warmer. alcohol taking over. singled out. targets. everybody. sitting closer. more hugs. more kisses. more body contact. she motioned for me. the other end of the long sofa. i walked over. careful not to trip. intertwined legs. we sit. chat. drink. smiles. touch. fingers. explores. tempted. her blantant bravery. outrageous flirtations. tempting. a gentle tug on my fingers. follow. she whisper in my ear. she excuse herself and walked away. i waited. then i followed.

i found her in a corner. by the speakers. we talk. looked around. crowd. absorbed by the music. coast clear. she pulled me closer. now. she commanded. i lifted one finger. she smiled and shook her head. two. she nodded. grinning.

4/4 beat. pounding wall. rumbling speakers. inquisitive fingers. her eyes widens. she gasped. her manicured nails digging into my forearm. red welts. her wetness. my fingers. in heat. mingling with the alcohol and cigarette haze. her smell. turns me on. i taste. so delicious. she bites her lips. hissed. forced my hands down. my fingers danced. she danced. matching rhythm. rising tempo. climaxing cresendo. her eyes closed. gasping through gritted teeth. catches her breath. leans on me. kiss on my lips. smiles. sighs a thank you. we walked back to the table. floating.

-type o negative: my girlfriend’s girlfriend-

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