she say: it’s not always about the bad boys or us girls wanting the turn on of being treated badly y’know.

he says: hmm? really? ok, cos i’ve always thought the good looking, bad boys always have all the fun and attention.

she say: oh no no, maybe the world sees that we like bad boys… but in actual fact, girls adore big time sensitive geeks like you too. hey, keep it to yourself… it’s a womens’ secret, ssshhhh *winks and laughs*

he says: *laughs* yes, the archetype sensitive emo geeks in thick glasses-

she says: – that waxes dark emotional lyrical paragraphs. that paints pain with words. and draws lovely pictures from sentences.

he says: hahaha, exactly my sentiments. very eloquently put hottie. and thus you shall always be my emowritermuse *grins* 

she says: *laughs* but seriously, have you ever put much thought about it? that why so many girls like you? other than the cute emo geek look that you have going, haha… it’s the way you’re so emotive… sensitive… eloquent. baby, don’t be surprised that you capture and breaks hearts without knowing it.

he says: ah… yours too maybe? *leans in closer*

she says: *leans in closer* mmm.. maybe *smiles and shrugs*

-van hunt: down here in hell (with you)-

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