-digicamography, photoshop-

it’s easy how alcohol breaks down barriers. a tequila speed chugging contest and you’ve made yourself new friends, albeit temporary ones. and heck, maybe even good for another few rounds , especially if it’s on them, heh. and with enough time and alcohol, even ice queens turns into a clingy cats and geeks turns bold.

so i was at a party tonight. and i saw oh so many fine looking women. it’s either me or the women here lately have been secretly going for breast enlargement surgery en masse at an underground plastic surgery base that only they know. yes, for your information, i’m very much a generic breast-ass-legs man, in that particular order. nothing gets my heart rate pumping than a nice pair of natural milk tanks in my face, especially if they’re a nice and hefty C. natural yes, i’m no fan of man made inflated boobies. and yes, i bloody know how push up bras function and look like. i can tell you now that these hotties wore nothing but nipple stickers, amen! but unfortunately, they were ice queens, well most of them at least. and each and everyone of the ice queens were fucking hawt, they knew it and being as conceited as they were, we played a game on them. taking advantage of biology knowledge: a lower bodily fluid content and a less active ADH enzyme, the science geek in me bought drinks and promptly, over the course of few hours, made the ice queens into clingy cats. i never had so much ear washing and crotch grabbing in a long time, and also not to mention the X rated whispered promises of toilet cubicle or car park tryst. it’s hard for a man to say no to all that but believe you me, i did refuse them all, heh. ice queens in skimpy clothes you can guess the outcome but geeks are a surprise all together. you’d expect them to refuse drinks and stick to orange juice but no, they dive into alcohol with the same gusto as the ice queens. well, to be fair, that’s after loosening them up with some so called orange juice… aka screwdrivers.

we were mean i know, but it was done in good fun. we never took advantage of any of them. just a little socio-psycho experiment to prove a point. so be safe girls, drink responsibly and bring a friend along if you do. and please please, never leave your drink unattended and always get your own drinks. there are bigger predators out there than us that wouldn’t mind doing unmentionable things to you.

well, definitely not one of my coherrent posts, i know. ana just laughed in my face for putting this up. yeah, i guess it’s 4am and the alcohol down talking crap. heh.

-bodyrockers: i like the way you move-

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