my muse: 311007


-digicamography, photoshop-

me: how long have we been friends? 8? 9 years? i can’t believe i watched you grow up from a geeky cherubic emo teenager into such a fine young woman *grins*

her: fine? different maybe. cherubic?! *laughs* duh, nice save mr. sensitive, you meant chunky don’t you, lol. nah, i’m just your normal run of the mill plain jane. i’ll definitely blend into the background, sans these mods.

me: uh lol, i meant cherubic babe.. definitely cherubic *rasp icon* well, maybe to strangers you would. i’m not a stranger, at least i’d like to think i’m not.

her: baby, you were never a stranger, never. did i tell you, as a teenager, i had this biggest crush-adoration on you. you were that older friend big brother character with tattoos and piercings that dispenses sound advices. kick ass tatts, piercings and give good advices, how coolsome is that?! haha! *rasp icon*

me: what?! really?! omg… uh… i feel awkward now *laughs* but i’m glad you said that, really *smiles*

her: *smiles back* you never knew, i never told you… but yeah, now you know… *grins*

me: y’know this thing, it could’ve been i was in love with the idea of loving you. my curiosity-adoration-lust. and maybe that you’re unattainable, so the go-getter in me stubbornly chases after you. but i wouldn’t go as far as to say i didn’t have any feelings for you. and in addition it could’ve also been your wicked tattoos and uber smexy piercings, haha *winks* well honey, i’d like to apologise. what a wicked web i have weaved us into.

her: no, not wholy your fault, really. i wanted it as much as you did… i wanted, no… i needed to know too. well, i would like you to know that i was never unattainable to you. you had me. it’s just that time and distance wasn’t kind to us. yeah i guess, the idea of something new, something different? people subconsciously crave and chase freshness and difference. and yes, knowing you, the ink and steel freak… it’s more than not, definitely my tattoos and piercings *laughs*

me: eh! lol, don’t make it sound like that. it’s much more than that honey *smiles* so… well… it’s ends here then, and we would never know eh?

her: *long sigh* unfortunately *sad smile*

me: the notion of that is so so sad, because we had good times and we definitely had something there. it could be more than this. *long pause* i’ll miss you dearly, honey…

her: *silence* i’ll miss you too…

so, happy halloween serial ‘raype’ killer. you and me, honey… we will always always share mew and our promise of running away to distant beaches along the seven seas.

so, take care beautifully named one… may you be happy where you are now, always…

-mew: chinaberry tree-

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