money can buy you a happy ending (momentarily)

sunday night. phonecall. friends. drink session after dinner. why not. sleazy karaoke. what the. regret.

drink. laugh. drink. idol wanna be session. horrendous. pigs having their throats slit. laugh. screaming not singing. drink. laugh. drink. laugh. drink.

drink. i look up. women. streams into the room. young. skimpily clothed. laughing. smiling. making eye contact. one singles me out. sits beside me. we make small talk. indonesian. 22. pretty. skinny. 46kg. 36C. 30. 34. lean forward. black push ups. half cup. cleavage. peek-a-boo lace. my eyes stray. she smiles. more small talk. she touches me. drink. bump. i light her cigarette. she smiles. feeds me a few puffs from the cigarette between her fingers. talk. she brushes me. drink. nudge. small talk. she sits closer. leans into my arms. her hand shifts. my inner thigh. her mouth by my ear. warm breath. she pops the magic question. i laugh no. she frowns. disappointed. asks why. i smile. no thanks. i lied. my girlfriend is at home. she nods understandingly. hugs me politely. smells like 9.99 dollar pharmacy perfume and indonesian clove cigarettes. cheap. overpowering. not they way i like it. she gets up. walks in front of me. crotch in my face. deliberate panty flash. black. sheer lace. trimmed. pulls down her hiked up skirt. she grins. i smile. she moves on to the next victim.

time to leave. dread. clear chinese tea glass. obligatory 3 shot of whiskey neat. the girl waves me over. hugs me goodbye. more pigs getting their throats slit. screaming not singing. she shouts in my ear her club number. says she would like it if i’d pick her when i come around again . i nod, smile and hugged her again before leaving. walk out. stagger to car. drive home.

sleeping alone. wake up. hangover. late. work day. fucking great.

-hed kandi: be my friend-

    • Anaesthesia
    • October 29th, 2007

    money can buy you the empty sort of gratification.

    drugs. sex. alcohol.

    and you wake up feeling emptier than you were.

    • .gothikt.
    • October 29th, 2007

    well… i’d pay for alcohol and drugs for sure, just never sex. and never with a hooker. i’m weird in the sense that i’d love to know the person i’m fucking. hence, i’m not much of a one-night-stander, unless i’m totally stoned or drunk. i have woken many a times beside strangers that way in the past, ergh.

    but yeah, you’d feel emptier. but isn’t life just an up and down roller coaster ride? the loop de loop of a sine wave? you can’t have the ups without the coming downs…

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