she says, he says: baby long legs

her: say, do you think my legs look good?

me: hmm? your legs? i never really noticed when you were bumming out at my place. and you always wear jeans around me anyways.

her: haha yeah i do don’t i. cos it’s much more comfortable than skirts. and i gotta be proper with skirts. ergh. btw, thank you for not gawking.

me: *shrugs & nods* no problem babe. i adore you and you know i’m much more subtle than that, lol.

her: tsk *roll eyes* oh ok then, here… *sends a image through msn* have a look and let me know.

me: hmm? oh, aight babe.

*file transfers >>> transfer over >>> click link to open image*

me: hmm… whoa whoa whoa, how long have i not seen you? your legs are hawt! they look amazingly long and slender.

her: hmm, about a year or so? ahaha yeah they do don’t they? i love my legs, they’re my best feature and i slimmed down somewhat since you last had me over.

me: ah no wonder… *scrolls images around* uhm wait… FUCKMEWHYAREYOUNAKED?! >.< well naked except for that short skirt but shit, i can see EVERYTHING!

her: hahaha, nobody asked you to gawk ok *angelic icon*

me: OMG! don’t pull this kinda thing on me! i’m not gay okay?! and you’re like naked in-the-buff NAKED! now i’m having bad thoughts about you!!! OMG, the images running through my dirty mind!!! AGHHH!

her: *rasp icon* *wink icon*

me:…. *slams head on keyboard*

her: LOL

trust someone you adore to spring a surprise on you like that. i will never look at her the same way again *sighs*

-queens of stone age: little sister-

    • Anaesthesia
    • October 26th, 2007


    • .gothikt.
    • October 28th, 2007



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