it poured again this morning.

i remember that you loved the rain. that you can sit for hours by the window. you on your giant beanbag with your huge mug of hot coffee. your ipod. and you sit and watch the rain hit and run hundreds of random rivulets down the window panes. i remember that you would absent mindedly trace the water trails with your fingers as you silently mouth off to lyrics from the songs you’re listening to. i remember how you’d like it when the droplets makes ripples in the wide, shallow pot that you made into a tetra habitat, on the balcony. how the raindrops would tap-tap-tap on the big leaves overhanging the pot before gently sliding off into the water below. i remember, sitting slightly out of your field of vision and watch you watch the rain. you would look back from time to time, frown-smile at me and ask what. and i would say nothing and smile back. i remember, how it amazes me that little things like that could make you happy. and in turn, it makes me happy as well, seeing you genuinely smile.

and it rained again this morning.

and i sit here in your very own spot. your sanctuary from the world. the hifi on loop on the table behind me. the cat lying on my lap, purring like a mini motor. the tetras, swimming lazily after the ripples. i watch the rain as you used to watched it. the random water trails. pitter patter. ripples. soothing. zen.

i understand.

-colin hay: i just don’t think i’ll ever get over you-

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