my muse: 101007


-webcamography, photoshop

i love my muse…

i love how we share the same interest in tattoos and piercings. i love how she wants to have matching tattoos with me. i love how we laugh at the same stupid jokes and cheesy pick up lines. i love how she loves that i’m a geek. i love how she adores my geek specs and the bangles that i wear. i love her smile. i love her cheekiness. i love how her cherry lips are always so yummy, moist and red. i love how she pouts when i say no. i love how she can be brazen one moment and extremely shy the next. i love it when she swears openly at/with me. i love how she can just absent mindedly burst out in a rainbow of emotions and be herself around me, but then suddenly remembers her place and get all flustered about it. i love the fact that if we’d ever hook up, she would definitely be an amazingly crazy fuck and we would definitely cause more earthquakes in this region…

i adore my muse, my inked pierced sugar addict baby…

i love how she loves me… but because of the time, distance and fate, she will never be mine…

-dada feat. sandy riviera & trix: lollipop-

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