she says, he says: the hour of the geek

i spent the greater part of my life trying to break out of the geek mould. school was a minefield for me, not really fun when you’re being ridiculed because you collect toys and read mangas/watch animes when the other guys were into ‘manlier pursuits’ like sports and girls. but fortunately later in my schooling years, i found out that girls was more, erm, pleasurable than games or mangas/animes so i shifted much of my attention away from the former to the latter. i picked up bball and vball, and later became part of my school team for those sports, so that was the end of that.

i did all that just to break out of the mould, but boy i was wrong.

apparently geek is in nowadays. what the hell? so all the years i spent trying to un-geek myself is for naught? fucking great. ah but then, all is not lost. i’m still very much a geek at heart, though my physical outlook has changed some what due to some sports and my love for body modification.

but for the love of god, seriously, i can never get used to pick up lines like: ‘hey i like your glasses’ or ‘i like games/mmorpg/animes too’


her: ‘ i like your glasses..’ 

me: *blinks* ‘eh whowhatwhy? you like my… glasses? this black framed thick lensed thing? if i could i’ll do without it definitely’

her: *leans in and whispers* ‘oh no no… keep wearing it please, i like it a lot. you look so damn cute in it’ *smiles*



her: ‘so what do you in your free time?’

me: ‘oh.. i don’t really do much… other than having drinks and hanging out occasionally like this… i play comp games, y’know rts, fps and mmorpg like WoW… and watch animes, yeah… that pretty sums me up. i’m just a geek, really’ *nervous laugh*

her: ‘oh you do?! OHMYGOD i play WoW too. i have an UD rogue and a BE s-priest. do you hate locks? i do. man, they’re so OP. especially those demo builds. they’re just as fake as the pally bubbles! but then their bubble is dispellable now, so haha on them. oh i like rts too, i play WH: DC and CoH with my brothers but they hack, boo. hmm, i don’t really like fps but i tried bioshock recenly. ugh, that game was freaky. oh animes! i’m on bleach and naruto at the moment, my two most favorite animes. and i’m starting on TTGL. finished FMA recently. yeah i know i’m slow. say did you see the first episode of Gundam 00? you like it? i think it was pretty good’ 

me: *stunned silence* ‘yeah! i… uh… omg… YOU seriously do all that?’ *wide eyed*

her: ‘yep! surprise surprise, i like animes and games’ *big smile* so…’ *leans in and whispers* ‘you got any animes to trade? can i go over to your place to see what you have?’



it’s weird cos it seems geek girls have the same idea as well. meeting up some old friend, who was the geekiest four eyed gangly awkward girl you’d ever seen has been a big eye opener for me. hardly recognizable as the one we sailed paper planes at or threw water on. yeah, even geeks can be shitmean to each other too you know. and meeting new friends, looking at their old photo albums, i could never imagine sitting here on her bed and looking at that amazing face/eyes/hair/body/skin/smile that she could be the girl nobody wanted to ask to the final school year prom not too many years ago.

so sometimes, some of them they try their damnest to break out and they succeed but i guess, deep down, being a geek is not something they can or really want to change…

and i guess it’s true, geek girls do grow up into hotties as well. mmm yum yum.

 -tenacious d: wonder boy-

  1. I’ve missed you 🙂

    You know on my 6-week journey back, I kept a count of silly things like number of blisters, hot chicks and guys, people using film cameras…and the score for geeks was a disappointing zero. Actually there was an uber-intelligent Brit nerd but pfft.

    Oh I got my Vivitar from this guy, he has lots available.

    • .gothikt.
    • October 12th, 2007

    likewise sam, you have been missed dearly as well *hugs*

    oh, so are you back in sg yet? how was uk? did they treat my fav photog-er well? ^^

    sorry i dsappeared for so long. collecting pieces of one self is a solo and tedious task.

    hope to see you soon then aye? i’ll be dropping by jan, that is if you’re back. but i’m not too sure how long tho. i’ll let you know.

    -nothing is permanent, except the ink in our skins-

  2. I’ve been back *looks at calendar*…geez has it been a month!? And my boxes are still unpacked… UK was dreadfully boring but I did gain a lot of insight *cue cheesy life-changing music* so I suppose I can’t write off the experience entirely. I’m still feeling rather displaced tho’, sometimes I don’t recognize the person I’ve become.

    You know my other KL friend? He’s gonna have a baby girl anytime now and I’ll probably head up before the year ends for some food + visiting. So guess we’ll be going out for drinks soon 😀

    • .gothikt.
    • October 16th, 2007

    whoa… a month you say? and here i was thinking you’re still at the other end of the world. glad to have you back sam ^^

    ah great! december would be a great time, if you’re coming then that is. i’ll be taking a 1 month hiatus, from everything. so i’m pretty much all by myself. let’s go grab a drink or two.

    failing that, there’s still january in sg. mebbe i’ll see you then…

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