a bullet to end it all


life’s really getting tiring as fuck… somedays i wish i could just easily say: that’s it, i’m done, thanks for the ride… give up and be absorbed back into the earth and get broken up into basic organic building blocks to form other things all over again… cos between working yourself to the bones, all your plans not working out, being broke all the time, having shit happen to you back to back and heartbreaks… there should be some sunshine, rainbows and singing bird ala disney cartoons. but then i don’t get any of those, ever… my life is like a bad c-grade comedy rerun, a slapstick shithole where the main actor gets hit by cars, staggers to fall into a manhole, climb out and gets nailed by a truck… it’s like one where you laugh hahaha in the beginning but then as it slowly drags on, you can just shake your head and sigh at the poor actor’s predicaments…

people would say suffer to live, but those that says so i reckon have not suffered enough or just as much… as a person that believes in a karmic cycle, i sure as hell hope my “reward” would be happening to me sometime soon… like now soon…

so tired…

-love me butch: hollywood holiday-

    • sndra
    • October 2nd, 2007

    Not quite, not yet… :/
    A little yellow bird on my left shoulder told me today, that it isn’t your time yet and you could be happy if you could close your eyes to the bad, even for just a while…

    • .gothikt.
    • October 2nd, 2007

    i think so too.. but somedays, that seventh floor ledge is just oh so close… y’know what i mean…

    thank you for leaving a comment sndra… much appreciated…

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