still picking up the pieces after 2 years. feeling better now. alcohol and drugs do wonders. funny how breaking other peoples’ hearts was so easy to do. how adamant i can be when i put my foot down and say sorry, no, it’s not working out, goodbye. getting your own broken, now that’s a bitch…

but with that said, i’m not totally heartless. i do (try to) love post-you, but it’s not the same for me. my heart and mind refuses to accept anyone else. truthfully, all those that came after you pales in comparison to your wit, your attentiveness, your joie-de-vivre, your amazing culinary skills. maybe they don’t laugh or smile the way you do. maybe they don’t have those little nuances or habit of yours that i have grown used to. maybe they don’t make Tarte de Pommes a la Normande or creme brulee the same way as you do. maybe they don’t enjoy sex the way you do. maybe they don’t move, moan or like being dominated like you do.

maybe i’m just comparing too much. yeah.

maybe i’m slowly turning into a relationship vampire-asshole. i seriously hope i’m not but yeah, move on move on, regardless, they say… *brings out the little black book*

-snow patrol: make this go on forever-

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